Statement of Intent – An Open Letter for my Wife

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I want to make perfectly clear what this blog is about.

This place is a shrine to my wife. It is through her love and light that I grow as a person. When she found me I was lost. It has only been through her love and guidance that I will ever become a better person. Everything I am and ever will be is due to her influence.

When she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I felt anger. Why, of all the people on earth should she be afflicted with this horrible disease.?

She has raised 4 of the most amazing MEN that I have ever met – she did this without my help. – I showed up late to that party.

My Darling,

Since the day you found me, you have shown patience and love. I was a broken toy that had no hope. Your words and thoughts brought me back to the real world. You brought me back to life. Never in my life could I have dreamed of someone as wonderful as you.

I have made mistakes and at each turn, you have had the strength to tell me I screwed up. I love and admire your strength. It is one of the things I talk about the most.

You are a pure soul and a divine light unto my path, but that is not all. Every person you have touched in your way is better for haveing met you.

I remember when you gave me the book by Shel Siverstein – The Giving Tree. I read it and oner the years, at every turn, you have demonstrated every aspect of what the Giving Tree truly is. You give so much – often at the expense of yourself. The boys, friends, me – we have all taken your branches and enhanced our lives.

You have given all you have baby girl.

Who was it that walked down the street in the paraed with her boys caring a banner for Darfur? It was you – the only person it who cared enough to make a public statement.

Who is it that became an ordained minister to marry her friends, asking for nothing in return but for a donation to an organization that supports the HIV positive? It was you – never thinking about yourself.

My life has been made complete by you my beloved. You have given me purpose and cause. You are my hero and my inspiration. Without you I have no purpose or drive.

You are my life.

If a day ever came that you were removed from my life, the world would end for me. Without pause or hesitation – it would cease to exist. Nothing else would move me again and I would become as solid as a rock – no feeling but anger could fill my soul. No emotion could turn me from the Hell that would rush into the world.

You are my all and my everything. You my eternal beloved. For you I would lay down my life . I need nothing but you my princess. I need nothing but you my Fey Queen.

You are the best of all people.

I am Eternally Yours,
In Love, Light, and Devotion,
Forever your Daddy,


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